Wednesday, March 3, 2010


“I don’t believe you. I agree she might have been my net friend and your real life friend but I have mixed too well with her. I want face to face proof. No phone calls, no sms, clear evidence.” Abhirup said.

“I am telling you again and again Abhi, all my friends say that she is a corrupt woman who shamelessly flirts with her colleague Jeetendra openly. They are absolutely repulsive. I don’t sit on her floor so I don’t know but my friends who sit on her floor or share her block say it again and again. I can even have them vow it in stealth. None will do it openly. Why will they?”

“Uh-huh!! I want clear cut proof. I too want to see how perfectly she dons her mask, a woman who gives me left to right for cracking an obscene joke is shamelessly flirting with her colleague in front of every one? That’s a little too much to believe.”

“Okay come to my office tomorrow, I will queue up witnesses for you.” Sunetra said.

They have been friends for years. Ever since their college days. Sunetra loved Abhirup and he loved his cyber friend Tamasa. Tamasa has recently been transferred to Sunetra’s company. Abhirup has proposed to her and she has asked for some time. When Sunetra came to know about it she implored him to not go forward in the relationship.

Next day Abhirup went to Sunetra’s office. He had complete faith on Tamasa but he wanted to prove Sunetra wrong. One by one she called up her colleagues from Tamasa’s floor and every one vowed that Tamasa was having a shameless affair with Jeetendra. They were absolutely repulsive. Actually a lot of them were thinking about complaining about them because their constant cooing and petting was getting on the nerves of others.

“See! I told you!” Sunetra said solemnly.

“Okay, if she is having this shameless an affair then you can easily show me.” Abhirup said grimly.

“But how?” Sunetra asked a little perplexedly.

“There is a small store room right where Tamasa sits, its key stays with the security. Can you manage to slip me into it for half a day?” Abhirup asked.

“If it is exposed then I will be sacked.”

“You are right. But I can’t mistrust my own judgment till I see some concrete proof. Thanks for the warning Su. I will be leaving now.”

Abhirup was shocked. He has known Tamasa for years. More than seven years now, and she was so decent in cyber world and even face to face. He has taken her out at-least a hundred times since she shifted to kolkata and she seemed a shy and cute woman. Though very naïve but dignified.

He reached Tamasa’s office next day. He asked the receptionist to inform her that he wants to meet her.

“Are you looking for me?” He was surprised to see a stranger.

“No, I am looking for Tamasa.”

“My name is Tamasa Basu.”

“My friend’s name is also Tamasa Basu.”

“Oh! The new girl! I will send her.” She shrugged and turned to go.

“What happened dear?” a male voice boomed.

They both turned their faces towards the newcomer. He was a tall, handsome man. He shamelessly stroked her cheek. The receptionist frowned and Abhirup stared.

“Nothing Jeetu, this guy is looking for new Tamasa. Let’s go and send her.”

A few minutes later Tamasa walked in the reception and Abhirup met her with the widest grin that a human face can sport.

“I have bought two tickets for movie. I will pick you up in the evening and tell ma that I will drop you after dinner.”

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